“If you book improv shows,
book Derek’s MoJo, they are brilliant!”

HOOPLA Improv Comedy Club

a fast, fun &feminist hybrid-improv show

Derek's MoJo is Monica Gaga and Jodyanne FR. 

We met while performing with Improvisers Anonymous and bonded over a shared love for narrative storytelling. Our hybrid style weaves traditional improv games into a long form multi-story adventure led by the hapless best friends Mo & Jo as they try to define their reality in this ever-changing world.   


Our dance card is empty but we're courting offers so watch this space.

Also, keep a look out for our all new online mini show starting up in September.  Anyone who saw us at the Hoopla Marathon last year will have had a sneak peak... 

In Case You Missed It

15th August 2020
You've Gotta Be Quizzing Me! - (defending our title)
Bristol Improv Theatre (Twitch Feed)

31st July 2020
Covid Cabaret
Omnibus Theatre

18th July 2020
You've Gotta Be Quizzing Me!
Bristol Improv Theatre (Twitch Feed)

5th July 2020
Stamptown Comedy Night

Derek's MoJo
DMJ Improv

As well as our original improv show we also have bespoke shows and the unique audience-pleaser DMJ Improv.

In addition to regular improv gigs we've played family-friendly festivals, political gatherings, and late-night post-watershed shenanigans. 

If you have a particular theme in mind, we're happy to explore and explode it for you!

Derek's MoJo - Impro Bingo
Impro Bingo

A fully immersive experience.

While watching Mo and Jo go one of their ill-advised adventures, the audience is invited to look out for the little improv games they sneak in along the way. With bingo cards at the ready, eager pretenders vie to tick off one line, then two lines and finally a full house, to be crowned the evening's ultimate Bingo Boss. Prizes, stories, a crown and sceptre. A full evening's entertainment rolled into one.

Derek's MoJo Workshop

In our workshop we share the improvisation games we use to build the foundations of a universe, develop a narrative and progress as a team through that world. We explore how improvisation allows the team to cultivate and follow different tangents within a narrative, and the evolution of options for conclusion and resolution. Playing to the strength and abilities of the participants, we customise the workshops to fit and include all.

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