Derek's Mojo impro bingo - the all new concept show

Here at DMJ headquarters we've been working on our new concept show - Impro Bingo!  We've been rolling it out at gigs across town, taking feedback and honing the format to create a fully immersive experience. Whilst watching Mo and Jo go on one of their ill-advised adventures we invite the audience to look out for the little improv games they sneak in along the way. 

With bingo cards at the ready eager pretenders vie to tick off one line then two lines and finally a full house to be crowned the evening's ultimate Bingo Boss. Prizes, stories,  a crown and a sceptre.  A full evening's entertainment rolled into one. 

But don't just take out word for it - here's what the audience think...

but how does it work?    

And here's one of our work-in-progress shows to see how it all fits together.